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Milling technology

High technology up to the smallest parts 


  • quick and easy changeover of size
  • manual changeover, short changeover times due to very comfortable design.
  • all plant components in manual mode, semi-automation mode up to 100% automation mode
  • elimination of failures even with manual mode
  • high precision, regardless of the degree of automation


  • palette magazines with motorizes feeder and outled
  • board feeding with pushing dogs, adjustable
  • pushing dogs angle adjustable
  • 4 tool units with spindles, upgrade to 8 possible
  • horizontal- und vertical supports
  • normal- and high speed spindles
  • continuous board rails during milling
  • width adjustment of the machine via trapezoidal spindles
  • width adjustment with index for various boards widths
  • Thickness adjustment via Profibus-absolute encoders, no reference positioning necessary
  • uninterupted board stacking by decoupling stacking and outfeed process
  • contiuous milling and stacking without interuption during bundle outfeed 

Processing types

  • sawing
  • slicing: slices for reduction of tension, grooves for mounting profiles
  • drilling: dowels or other mounting technologies
  • cutting: cuts for reduction of tension
  • stacking: up to 30 boards/min
  • milling: profiling edges,surfaces, step-cut, tongue and groove
  • feeding: manual boards feeders up to fully automatic board feeders

You decide what we design

The development of our systems are discussed individually with our customers. Your individual wishes and needs are considered in the most adequate way. From the base solution with largely manual adjustments to fully automatic format conversion can be realized by the modular design


Some Highlights

  • pushing rates adjustable between 0,4 to 1,6m/s
  • high-speed milling tools up to 8000 tpm
  • performance e.g. EPS up to 135m³/h depending on dimensions
  • fully automatic changeover in less than 2 min
  • fully automatic tool change of up to 15 tools in less than 2 min
  • connection to PPS system possible
  • modularly expandable processing units for special products
  • board dimensions from 500x500mm to 1250x2500mm from 40 to 400mm with fully automatic changeover
  • quick tool change system