Seit über 25 Jahren   -   for more than 25 years   -   plus de 25 ans

Stacking and handling plants

Our plants have the same goal as you - effectivity

Beginning with the basic solution with paletts, we can built various systems regarding palett size, pick-up -  and stacking positions.

Die Tops

  • low operating costs due to robust, low-maintenance technology
  • Stacking without paletts possible
  • Automatic spacer feeding
  • Various stacking samples and layers realizable via turnind devices
  • Low overall heights because of our special design


  •  Product supply with various transport systems possible
  • Horizontal 90° turntable for stable layers
  • Grouping conveyors for layer-build-up
  • Pneumatic aligners for product centring
  • Pallet supply magazines for various palett sizes up to 2m
  • Pallet outfeed in 3 directions via low building conveyor systems
  • Automatic Palett-positioning in stacking area
  • Palett transport to pick-up position via buffer conveyors
  • Fully integrated Palett stretching systems

Some Highlights

  • Option: hot-melt application for transport fixing
  • Option: product marking
  • Connection to PPS system possible
  • Product dimensions up to 2500x2500mm